Our shul community is mindful that the kehilla is comprised of all its members - men, women, and children. We strive to create an environment that is halachic and allows everyone to relate as fully as possible to Tefillah, to the community, and to G-d. To that end, both men and women are invited to give Divrei Torah in Shul, and are encouraged to take active leadership positions within our Shul community.

The Sefer Torah passes through both the men's section and the women's section on its journey through the Shul.

We strive for a Tefillah service that is inspiring, but not overwhelming.

The Shul is welcoming of all people who wish to join us in Tefillah. The mechitza is constructed such that it maximizes the participation of all congregants.
There are designated volunteers in both sections of the Shul to provide assistance with anything pertaining to Shul, as needed.
Our shul welcomes children to participate in services and "junior congregation" (still in planning stages). Space is provided where children can take a break to play or read quietly.

In addition, we foster a sense of strong, supportive community by regularly sharing Kiddush, meals, shiurim, and chesed opportunities. As everyone has their own special talents, we encourage everyone to become "givers" in our community, and thus build a stronger community.